About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of students based in the University of York who are united by our love for God and our desire to reflect His glory in our lives.

As an on-campus mission arm of the local church, our mission is to give every student the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus.

To achieve this, in everything we do we seek to:

Proclaim the gospel to our fellow students and live lives consistent with the Gospel. Encourage our members to be committed to a local church. Build up our members through teaching, prayer, bible study and worship. Stimulate interest and active involvement in missionary work at home and abroad.

During term time, we meet together weekly as a CU, and again in smaller college groups. We regularly host evangelistic events, and we also organise a few annual events such as our weekend away together, the Christmas Carol Service, Events Week, and Freshers' Week.

Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF)

The Christian Union in York is affiliated with Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) who support us in our mission by providing resources, guidance, and dedicated staff.


UYCU is run by a small committee of nominated members. Their role is to organise events, meetings, and to generally keep the society running smoothly!

Cat Bakewell Co-President Cat works with Morven in leading the CU committee; this involves managing the day to day running of the CU and chairing committee meetings. She is also helping to organise our Freshers’ Week events! Cat loves singing, musicals, practicing calligraphy and playing board games (though she is still figuring out how to be extremely competitive and a loving Christian at the same time :P). As a Malaysian, Cat is all about all the food, all the time! But she is also regularly teased for her mind-numbingly slow consumption of food. Morven McRorie Co-President Morven works alongside Cat in leading the committee, which involves managing the day to day running of the CU and chairing committee meetings. She is also helping to organise the Carol Service. Morven is a big fan of Zumba, instagrammable coffee shops and is very enthusiastic about breakfast. As a Scot (who would’ve guessed from her name?!) Morven is also very keen on calling techno-ceilidhs and being too hopeful about Scotland’s rugby prospects. Rachel Knight General Secretary Rachel is the General Secretary and oversees the administrative side of the CU: she books speakers and rooms for the CU and takes minutes at committee meetings. She is also helping to organise our Weekend Away. Rachel loves hopping between coffee shops and charity shops in York, but despite her love for the city she misses living by the beach. She loves black coffee and cheese on toast, and most of her meals are accompanied with ketchup. She would also support Ipswich Town FC, if she understood the offside rule. Charlotte Galbraith International Secretary Charlotte’s role is to ensure that the CU is actively involved in reaching international students on campus and in encouraging an environment that is welcoming and accessible to people of all ethnic backgrounds. Charlotte is also helping to organise the carol service. Charlotte feels she is well suited to the role as she is an “overseas” student coming from the faraway land of Northern Ireland. She is also a huge fan of International cuisine - sweet and sour chicken is a solid favourite. Charlotte loves all things musical and can be found speeding round campus carrying her trusty companion - Clarice her clarinet. She is a big fan of coffee shops, floral patterns, dobble, to - do lists and Poirot. Fergus de Grey-Warter Evangelism Coordinator As Evangelism Coordinator, Fergus oversees the campus-wide evangelism we do as a CU. He leads the evangelism team and explores creative ways we can share the gospel across campus. He also is helping head up the team organising our Freshers’ Week events. Fergus spends most of his time either sleeping or complaining how tired he is. He's also very tall and drinks more tea than is probably healthy. Zac Powell Treasurer On a day to day basis Zac looks after the finances of the CU and searches for new sources of funding. Zac is also helping to organise the team running events week. Zac is a fun, loving, adventurous 19 year old, whose bench press is closing in on 100kg. Zac likes to think he puts the stud in bible study. Clare Sykes College Coordinator Clare is the link between committee and the college groups. She supports the college leaders in their role and is there to encourage all the colleges in their mission. She is also involved with organising the CU's weekend away, towards the end of autumn term (woo get excited!). Clare plays table tennis (yes it is a sport, just), appreciates cereal at all times of the day and most at home in a tent on the top a moor. Fiona Millar Prayer Secretary Fiona helps to keep prayer an essential part of CU by arranging and leading prayer meetings each week. She is also involved with organising the events week in spring term. Fiona is a sociable being who makes people laugh with her bru’al sarcasm and Northern Irish accent. Most of the time you will find her running around her swamp with the cute little duckies as she is still waiting for her Shrek to turn up and rescue her from the real geese that live on campus.

Although we strive to keep our website up to date, join our Facebook group for all the latest updates and events.