Our aim as a Christian Union is to bring the gospel to those on our university campus. Although some of what we do is similar to what a church does, the CU cannot replace a church.

We believe it is important for all our members to regularly attend a church for the following reasons:

The CU leadership changes every year and cannot provide a stable spiritual environment, but your church's leadership and membership is likely to remain constant for your time at university. The CU is made up of young, inexperienced Christians, but your church can provide the influence of older and wiser Christians. (Job 12:12) The CU is made up of full-time students whose focus is their studies, but your church leadership's full-time job and focus is the building up of their membership. (Ephesians 4:11-12) The CU does not have to provide an account for you, but your church will watch over you and guide you in holiness. (Hebrews 13:17, James 3:1)

Fortunately, York is packed full of good churches, and below is a list of churches represented in the CU. This list isn't comprehensive, but is a good starting point!

The Ark is one of the Christian Churches in York, UK. We exist to introduce people to a God who will do them good!
At Calvary Chapel York it is our greatest desire to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18). For that reason we teach through the bible in a systematical manner, verse by verse. We begin each service with heartfelt worship with both contemporary and classic songs and prayer and have a strong emphasis on teaching the children and the youth. Richard Tamburro
Christ the Light Church (CTL) is an autonomous local church plant in York, working in partnership with the New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI) Apostolic Team. Catherine Walters
At G2, we want to help you discover Jesus Christ, who he is and what his life means for you and our society today. You may be at the very beginning, a long way in or anywhere along the way to discovering what this means.
We are a contemporary, community-focused church that's committed to loving God and loving people. Whoever you are, wherever you're from, we want to help you discover God's best for you. Peter Sloan, Student Worker
At Global we are set on planting churches. Churches for different parts of society. Helping people find Christ, base their lives on the Bible and be Confident in who they are and why they are here. Global is a church of everyday people learning to live extraordinary lives, reaching out from one to everyone and planting churches that reach out to those who don’t usually do church. We believe in a church which dreams big, believes for better and moves towards a bright future.

We've planted a Student Church in 'Your Bike Shed' off Micklegate, Thursday @ 7:30pm - you're welcome to join us! Andy Nimmo
Heslington Church is a local ecumenical partnership between the Church of England and the Methodist Church together with the Roman Catholic Chaplaincy to the University of York. All services of worship are held jointly between Anglicans and Methodists.
We are an Anglican church seeking to grow in our relationship with God and aiming to serve those in our communities in a way that reflects God's transforming love for everyone. Paul Deo
A Lively people, with the Life of God unto a Lively Hope. Envisioned to impact the city with life as God as it by raising men, women and children alike, full of life through the preaching of the whole gospel of Christ.
Living Word Church York is a church committed to spreading the good news that Jesus Christ is alive and is still changing lives today. The church is made up of people of differing ages and backgrounds, but with one thing in common: a real relationship with God.
We are a multi-cultural group of believers with passion to serve God. Our goal is to make a positive impact in the lives of our community. We have an inclusive fellowship with a common purpose of making heaven by the grace of God.
St Hilda's church is on Tang Hall Lane, near the Tang Hall shops. We are an Anglican church seeking to help build God's kingdom by being a Gospel community of fellowship, outreach, and love.
St Lawrence is a traditional but very student-friendly Church of England parish church maintaining a Christian presence between the University and the city walls. It is a quiet but welcoming place where you can easily just come to a few services, explore the faith more deeply, or get involved in the local community and church life. Why not come and join us at our Choral Evensong, sung by a student choir during term-time? 6pm on Sunday, or one of the regular morning services at 9 and 10:15. Church E-mail, Fr. James McDonald - 07725 851539, Henry Dyer (Student) - 07769 991800
Here at the Belfrey we LOVE students and we are passionate about Jesus and making him known. The Belfrey is home to many students from both universities in York. We would love to get to know you and do all we can to help you in your walk with God as a university student. Ben Doolan, Curate
The hope and vision of St Oswald's is to know God, and to make him known to others. There's something for everyone, and it's our hope that students and visitors, as well as locals of all ages, will find themselves at home in our church - and at home with God.
We are a friendly and welcoming church in the heart of Holgate in York. We are a community of disciples walking together with Jesus. Sam Rankin
We are a small, but growing, church in the heart of the Groves area of York. We are committed to reaching out into our local community – serving people who are in need, and above all showing God’s love as best we can. We hope that you will find our gatherings welcoming, family-friendly, and full of God’s presence. Al Rycroft, Vicar
Trinity Church York is a church where we belong to, love, serve and trust Jesus Christ, the only Son of the one true God. In all we do we aim to be a Christ-centred, Bible-teaching Church family. Jesus is the centre of all we do; the Bible is how we hear God speak to us; the Church is the place where the Holy Spirit enables us to have the kind of relationships that only Jesus makes possible. All are welcome at our services, and will find them a good way to discover what Jesus, and Christianity, are all about.
YBC exists to help individuals develop and grow in their knowledge of Christ. We aim to do so through regular worship, Bible teaching, and prayer. Sam & Heather, Student Coordinators
York City Church is a vibrant and growing church of all ages. Our vision is to impact and renew York, Yorkshire and beyond with the transforming message of Jesus Christ through words (teaching what Jesus taught and encouraging people to walk with him) and action (living out our faith through lives of grace, mercy and love). Vanessa Hutchinson
YCC is an independent, evangelical church. This means we are not controlled by any denomination. Our intention is to follow Jesus Christ. The Bible alone, which we regard as God's inspired and authoritative word, is our source of faith and practice. The church is led by a group of Elders (known as the Pastoral Group), one of whom serves as a full-time pastor.
We are an Elim Pentecostal Church, an assortment of different types of people, of many nationalities, who can say from experience that Jesus is real and has changed our lives. Our meetings are informal – with lively, spirit-led worship. Ours is an easy place to meet new friends and learn more about Jesus. Children, youth and students are warmly welcome.
York Evangelical Church is a warm-hearted local church who want to love the Lord Jesus body, heart, mind and strength. As a church family we love to hear Him speaking to us, so Bible exposition applied simply and relevantly to today forms a central part of our worship as we meet and as we live our lives. Neil Hulse, Church Elder
York Vineyard is a new, Christian church meeting in the city, getting to know God through Jesus Christ and seeking to live out His teachings in the 21st Century. It is a relaxed, modern and culturally relevant church. No matter who you are or where you are from, you're very welcome and we would love to meet you.