Halifax College

Halifax College

Hi! Halifax has a lively and friendly CU college group with up to 20 regulars each week and we hope that you will join us too!

Each week we start our Tuesday evenings at 6:30 with an informal Café in JJs common room where we drink coffee, chat and play games. We love to use this space as a time to get to know people in the college and befriend them, aiming to make the Tuesday CU café known as a place to go to make friends and feel loved.

At 7:30 we move into a side room to spend some time praying and studying the bible, these bible studies are open to everybody and aim to help us all learn more about who God is and what he has done for us.

9 O’clock is toasties time! As a college group we love to serve and reach out to the college, alongside the café one of our main ways of doing this is through text-a-toastie. This is where college members can text us with a question about Christianity, prayer request or something they want to talk through and we will bring them a toastie of their choice. Again we love to use this time to get to know and befriend college members with the hope of getting to know them further and inviting them to other CU events.

If you’re new to Fax and want to know more about our Christian Union group please get in touch with us, or join our Facebook group. We look forward to meeting you!

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Name Role
Caitlin Hawley College Leader
Fiona Millar College Leader