UYCU is run by a small committee of nominated members. Their role is to organise events, meetings, and to generally keep the society running smoothly!



Hello, I'm Emma! I work with Joel in leading the CU committee; this involves managing the day-to-day running of the society, and keeping the CU focused on its vision while facilitating and encouraging prayer. I am also helping to organise our Freshers week.


In my spare time, I love to go for a coffee & catch up with a friend, and I enjoy writing to-do lists in my trusty diary to persuade myself that I'm organised. You can usually find me either in The Kitchen in Alcuin, or the library with an instant coffee in hand.


To get in contact, email me at



Hi! I’m Joel and I work with Emma as Co-President. This involves managing the day-to-day running of the society, encouraging an atmosphere of prayer and keeping the CU focused on its vision of giving every student on our campuses the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


I study English Literature and I’m a card carrying book nerd. If I’m not reading a book I’ll probably either be in a coffee shop or watching football - as you read this there’s a slim chance my beloved Nottingham Forest will have been promoted to the Premier League (fingers crossed). 

To get in contact, email me at



Hi, I’m Becci and I do a lot of the CU’s admin, from booking rooms and speakers to taking the minutes at our committee meetings, to sending out our weekly email to you lovely lot. I will also be helping to organise our CU weekend away. 


I study Linguistics and love using my degree to discover more about the gift of language from our Creator. I am also a part of the music groups Zamar Gospel Choir and Toot that Flute.


I have to say that I love a bit of organisation, but somehow I am somewhat of a tidsoptimist. Many of my friends would also say that I’m quite sarcastic, but I honestly have no idea why…

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Evangelism Event Coordinator

Hi, I'm Jon-Joe! I'm in charge of leading the university wide events that the CU organises to share the gospel, and it's my job to encourage the CU to be making the most of these opportunities to share the good news about Jesus with their friends. My team and I work to come up with, plan and create exciting ways to share the gospel across both our campuses.


I grew up in Newcastle and like to pretend I'm a Geordie, but, other than liking scraps on my chips, I'm about as southern as they come. In my spare time I enjoy pool, board games and singing in the shower.

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Hi, I'm Precious and I am from London. I’m in charge of all things money for CU, I ensure that money comes both in and out. I am also helping to organise our events week next February. 


I study economics and that takes up a decent amount of my time. When I'm not doing that though I like to sew or more accurately collect fabrics hoping they'll turn into a garment themselves and I also love to read, watch movies and tv shows.

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College Coordinator

Hiya, I’m Rachel and I am the link between committee and the college groups. I spend most of my role supporting and encouraging the college leaders in their mission. I am also helping to organize the CU’s weekend away.


I find my identity in Jesus Christ but secondly, despite Japan being my home for the first 7 years of my life, I am probably the most English person I know! I absolutely love the Royal Family and can’t think of a better activity than a cup of tea and a scone over a chat with my chums about the weather.


I also love playing, studying and listening to classical music so I wouldn't part with £9000 for any other subject!

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Publicity Coordinator

Hello! I'm Rachel and I organise the publicity team who create flyers for CU events and take care of our social media accounts. I am also part of the team who will be putting together this year's Events Week.


When in York I spend most of my free time with a cup of tea in a local coffee shop but when I'm at home in Northern Ireland (woo!) I spend as much time as possible by the sea! 


I study Film and Television Production and love spending time with friends, taking photos and eating doughnuts.


 To get in contact, email me at


International Outreach Coordinator

Hi! I'm Zoe and I oversee outreach to international students, and work with a team to encourage York's international and local communities to mix together.


I've spent my life moving back and forth between England and China, and the question 'where are you from' has many different possible answers given I'm Chinglish! I'm one of those weird people that doesn't like either tea or coffee, but I love hot chocolate. I enjoy reading, knitting, and juggling, and have a deep appreciation for bad puns.


More than anything else though, I'm a child of God, and I think that's the most amazing blessing. 

To get in contact, email me at

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