UYCU is run by a small committee of nominated members. Their role is to organise events, meetings, and to generally keep the society running smoothly!




Hi, I’m Emily and I’m one of the Co-Presidents alongside Sam. This involves managing the day-to-day running of the society, coordinating prayer meetings and helping to keep the CU focused on its vision.


I study maths (yes, I am crazy) which can get pretty intense but when I’m not doing that, I love going on COVID-safe coffee walks, Zooming with my friends and face-timing my cat!

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Hey, my name is Sam and I work with Emily as Co-President. Basically that means keeping up to date with the day-to-day work of the CU, and helping us all to realize the mission of CU- trying to give everybody at the University of York the opportunity to respond to the gospel.


Other than that, I’m a history student from the South, (although my Dad grew up in York so I’m at least 64% a Northerner), I love leading worship, reading a good book, and watching more or less any sport.


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Hi, I'm Rebecca! As secretary I'm involved in lots of the CU's admin, doing things like sending out weekly email updates, booking (zoom) rooms, and taking minutes in committee meetings. I am also helping to organize the CU’s weekend away.


I study psychology. In my spare time I enjoy drinking large volumes of tea and eating biscuits whilst spending time with friends and enjoying the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. From a year in lockdown, I have also discovered the joys of breadmaking- kneading dough is an exercise routine to be recommended!

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Hi, I’m Isaac, I am from Essex and I help to manage the money and fund accounts of the CU. My role is to keep account of the expenses and money that comes into CU, and I’m also involved in sorting budgets for various CU events, like events week, and work on claims too.


I’m studying Economics and Finance, which I find interesting and useful, although quite a lot to learn, and I like sports and support Manchester United. I enjoy spending time with family and catching up with friends.


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International Outreach Co-ordinator

Hiya! I’m Millie. I work with a team in sharing the good news of Jesus with international students across campus, and providing opportunities for York’s international and local communities to build friendships.


In York I spend most of my time catching up with friends over coffee and popping by charity shops, often on the lookout for cosy jumpers! Having spent the first half of my life in Singapore, I’m definitely a seeker of the sun and sometimes feel as though I’m still adapting to cold winter weather! As a big nature enthusiast, I really enjoy going for walks with my housemates in the Yorkshire countryside, and when at home in Guernsey I spend lots of my time swimming and paddle boarding.

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College Coordinator

Hey! I’m Rachel, I’m the link between the committee and college groups, I spend most of my time meeting and encouraging the college leaders as they lead their groups.


First and foremost I’m a child of God but I also study history, I love living in York for all it’s history, some highlights being the walls and of course the Minster! I love a hot chocolate at one of the many cafés, and cake! I also love reading (other than for my degree!), good food and laughing with friends.

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Publicity and Outreach Co-ordinator

Hello! I’m Ella, and I’m in charge of all the publicity for the CU. My publicity team and I run all the social media accounts, design flyers and generally make UYCU look as funky as possible! I also work alongside Millie and Alex in their roles as Events Co-ordinator and International Outreach Co-ordinator to organize evangelistic and International CU events.

I’m a classic York stereotype: I love tea, peanut butter, coffee catch-ups and puppies. I spent the first five years of my life in Namibia, and the rest of my life wishing I could go back! I’m studying English, with an artistic side hustle.

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Events Co-ordinator

Hiyaaa! I'm Alex and I'm the Events Co-ordinator for this year. This means I get to put on exciting and fun events that you can invite your mates along to, so that they can hear the Gospel in all its glory. I'm super excited to work with everyone to make the CU a beacon of God's glory and love on campus. Hopefully we'll be able to do this in person, God willing and Covid allowing!


If I'm not planning these events, you'll most likely find me working on my history degree...or more accurately going on spontaneous road trips, playing tennis or having a cheeky pint with my mates (not necessarily at the same time)!

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