Jessica works with Zac in leading the CU Committee; this involves managing the day-to-day running of the society, and keeping the CU focused on its vision. She is also helping to organise our Carol Service. Jess is loud, caring and loves spending time with her friends, especially for brunch or a trip to Gatehouse Coffee. She would describe herself as an ambivert and loves to make sure BSc students understand that, despite having less contact hours, BAs are hard degrees too. 

Zac works with Jess in leading the CU committee; they look after committee and make sure we're on the right track when it comes to our mission on both our campuses! He is also helping to organise our Carol Service. Zac is a fun-loving, adventurous 20 year old whose passions are Jesus, gym and burgers. Zac one day hopes to make the perfect Crème brûlée.

Emma oversees the administrative side of the CU: she books speakers and rooms for the CU and takes minutes at committee meetings. She is also helping to organise Weekend Away. Emma is always making her friends laugh, more often at her than with her. She loves being addressed as Ross due to her remarkable similarity to the character from Friends, a trait she is very proud of. In her spare time, Emma loves to go for a coffee & catch up with a friend, and enjoys writing to-do lists in her trusty diary to persuade herself she is organised.


UYCU is run by a small committee of nominated members. Their role is to organise events, meetings, and to generally keep the society running smoothly!

Samuel oversees outreach to international students. He and his team work with Christians in York to share the Gospel of Jesus with the international students God has brought to the University. He is helping to organise our Weekend Away. Samuel is loud, direct and enjoys shouting at crowds of people. In his own words he is quite strange, can never answer the question 'where are you from?' and made the questionable decision to study history. He enjoys playing games and getting to know people over a meal. But more than any of these things, he is a follower of Christ Jesus. 

Rachel oversees the campus-wide evangelism. She and the team help to create engaging ways to share the Gospel across our campuses and encourage evangelism to be a lifestyle within the CU. She is also helping to organise Freshers' Week. Rachel was born in Malaysia but grew up in the south of England. Even though her address says Essex, she tells people she is from "East London". Rachel loves to play the piano and guitar in her spare time and finds joy in teaching her friends how to handle spice, so that one day, they can reach the Extra Hot level at Nando's.

Tom is in charge of the finances for CU, he ensures that money comes both in and out. He is also helping to organise our Events Week - One. Tom is first a follower of Jesus, but secondly a Chemist from Droitwich (where?). He also has a passion for spreadsheets and Liverpool Football Club. Tom is a chilled, caring guy who enjoys playing pool and football, but not at the same time. He was once labelled "the uncover guy" and encourages people to use this nickname. 

Vikki is the link between committee and the college groups. She supports the college leaders in their role (yes, this is an excuse for lots of coffee trips) and is there to encourage all the colleges in their mission. With her love of organising, she is also involved in planning our Weekend Away. Vikki's main loves are Jesus, coffee, chocolate and rowing (and I guess her fiancé too). You will usually find her in a spin class or at a coffee shop. 

Jill's role is what it says on the tin; she organises and oversees prayer meetings. She is also helping to organise our Events Week - One. She would describe herself as a chatty Northern Irish girl who loves to laugh and is joyful over a good cup of tea. Photo taking and movie watching are amongst some of her favourite things to do. 

Esme organises the publicity team who create flyers for CU events and take care of the Insta aesthetic! As a local to York it is difficult to understand her broad Yorkshire accent, however she can confirm her name is pronounced Es-mee, not Es-may. When she's not walking in the countryside, she can be found filling her camera roll with blossom trees and dreaming of the cafe-florist she one day hopes to open. 

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