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The Christian Union is run by a committee of eight nominated members. Their role is to organise events, meetings, and generally keep the society running smoothly!


trinity church york

Hi, I'm Philippa and I'm one of the co-presidents alongside Alistair. This involves encouraging the rest of the committee in all they're doing, and ensuring that CU is working smoothly so that we can be fulfilling our mission statement of giving everyone at our university the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel. 


I study Natural Sciences (Chemistry and Physics), enjoy running and playing sports, but most importantly visiting as many of the cafes in York as possible!




To get in contact, email me at


st michael le belfrey

Hi, my name is Alistair, and I am co-president alongside Philippa. I keep track of the events we run and support the students running them, manage the day-to-day running of the CU and organise the prayer meetings. While doing this, I also encourage members to share their faith with their friends, keeping with our mission to give every student on both campuses the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel.


I study Computer Science and enjoy outdoor adventure sports such as kayaking and rock climbing. I am Scottish and Canadian, and I lived in China for 10 years and Kyrgyzstan for 6 years and speak a bit of Mandarin Chinese and Russian.


To get in contact, email me at


york baptist church

Hi, I’m Helena! As Secretary, I’m in charge of the admin side of things, such as organising
room bookings, contacting speakers, sending out email updates, and taking minutes for
committee meetings. I love being able to support the CU’s mission to enable everyone on campus to hear and respond to the gospel by keeping things ticking over behind the scenes.
I am also involved in planning the annual weekend away, which I’m super excited for!

As a Chemistry student and self-proclaimed coffee addict, I can often be found in the
Kitchen@Alcuin (#notanad but it is hands down the best coffee on campus) between
lectures, enjoying the tunes whilst inevitably getting some work done. I am also part of the
Boat Club, and anyone who spends at least five minutes with me will definitely hear me talk about rowing! I attend York Baptist Church and feel incredibly blessed to be part of such a welcoming church family and to have their support during my time on the UYCU committee.

To get in contact, email me at


york community church

Hi, my name is Dafydd, which is a tricky to pronouce welsh name so you can call me Daf. I am the current treasurer of York CU, which means my role is to manage the society's finances. This means recording all income and expenditure, working with YUSU to handle different payments, and supporting all of our teams in their
mission by providing realistic budgets.
It was through the CU that I first came to hear the good news which changed my life for the better, so I feel absolutely blessed
to have the opportunity to support our mission to keep sharing the Gospel on campus.

When I'm not crunching numbers as treasurer, I'm crunching numbers for my maths degree, mostly focusing on the applied side. My main hobbies are running, rock climbing or ju
st looking around for a nice spot to do some reading.


To get in contact, email me at


International Outreach Co-ordinator
trinity church york

My job on the committee this year is to coordinate evangelism aimed at reaching international students on campus by building friendships and a community which will be able to practically show the love of God. We want all students to discover that the door to the kingdom of God is wide open, that a real relationship with Jesus is possible and that regardless of where you've come from - the good news of Jesus Christ is for you. 


I'm currently studying Psychology and in my spare time I love to draw illustrations and crochet cardigans!

To get in contact, email me at


College Coordinator
st michael le belfrey

Hello!! Im Izzy, the CU college coordinator! (aka the co-co, hehe). My role is to be the link between college groups and the committee. York is one out of only 4 universities in the UK to have such a college system and I love that my role lets me meet and encourage various college leaders as they seek to know God and make Him known in their colleges!


I study English Literature and would love to chat about whatever you're reading and writing! I'm also from a tinyy island country called Singapore and am currently missing all the good food, although I love all the cafes in York!






To get in contact, email me at

IMG_3226 (2)_edited.jpg

trinity church york

Hiya, I’m heading up the publicity for UYCU this year! My job is to create graphics and flyers to advertise our events, run our various social medias, and generally to share information about CU and the Christian faith in a clear and creative way. I work closely with our evangelism coordinators to help publicise all the great events they plan!


I study History, which means I spend a lot of time reading in the library... but when I'm not there, you'll find me playing netball, out on a run, or cooking something interesting! I also love going on long walks, spending quality time with friends (preferably over coffee or cocktails) and visiting new places!

I'm exciting to make the gospel known on campus this year and to walk alongside friends who are seeking to know more about Jesus.

To get in contact, email me at


Events Co-ordinator
trinity church york

I’m Eloise and I study English Literature at the University of York. My role on committee is to run events that give students on campus regular opportunities to hear the good news of our Lord Jesus, who he is and what he’s done for them. In my spare time I love sitting in the sunshine with a BIG mug of tea or laughing round the dinner table with friends. York is my favourite city on earth and I hope to visit all of the coffee shops on its cobbled streets by the end of my degree!








To get in contact, email me at

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