UYCU is run by a small committee of nominated members. Their role is to organise events, meetings, and to generally keep the society running smoothly!

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st michael le belfrey

Hey! I’m Izzy, one of the Co-presidents alongside George. Our role includes managing the day-to-day running of the society, organising prayer meetings and ensuring our vision - giving everyone at our university the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel - is maintained!


I’m currently studying Psychology and am originally from the West Midlands. I love music, netball and any people time (I’m a biiig extrovert!)


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York baptist church

Hi, my name is George and I am one of the Co-Presidents alongside Izzy. This means that I keep up to date with the work of the CU and encouraging us all to share the gospel with our friends, in order to fulfil our mission statement, which is to give every student at the University the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


I study History and Politics and I love any sport. In particular, I play Rugby for the University and tend to talk about rugby a lot.


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Hi, I'm Laura! As Secretary I'm involved in lots of the CU's admin, doing things like sending out weekly email updates, booking rooms and taking minutes in committee meetings. It also means I get to have lots of colourful spreadsheets which I love! I also help to organise the CU's weekend away.


I love getting to know people and hearing their stories. I fill my time with lots of café trips with friends, reading (generally starting lots of books and never finishing them) and watching and taking too many photos of sunsets - preferably with tea in hand! I am excited to see what God does during this next year. Although I struggle with stress, I know Jesus is a redeeming and freeing God and I trust him to work through me this year as I serve as secretary. I find great strength in the verse 2 Corinthians 12:9 "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." What a wonderful God we serve.

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st michael le belfrey

Hi, I’m Rupert from Suffolk and I manage the money side of the CU. My role is ensuring we are in the financial position to put on events such as Events Week, and sorting claims, budgeting and reimbursements.


I study Accounting, Business, Finance and Management (ABFM) and find the majority of the course very interesting. I enjoy being in the countryside and work on farms when I’m back home. I love getting involved with the Officer Training Corps every week, and like to play tennis and squash to stay active

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International Outreach Co-ordinator
st michael le belfrey

Hiya! I’m Freya, I co-ordinate the work of the international team, who plan and run international outreach and events to share the good news of Jesus and build community here in York.


  I love exploring town, especially the architecture and all the wonderful food, especially Italian, Polish and Japanese! I’m a classic history student, so I love the galleries and museums, and walking in the beautiful Yorkshire moors. I’m part of the Belfrey here in York, and I’m so grateful for how God has grown my faith in my time at uni

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College Coordinator

Hello! 😊 My name is Gemma, and my role is to be the link between college groups and the committee. Within this, I get to meet with and encourage the college leaders as they seek to spread the Good News in new and creative ways whilst enhancing their sense of college community and enjoying Jesus together!

I’m currently studying Social Work, so if I’m not on placement, or writing any assignments then you’ll almost definitely find me trying out new coffee shops or brunch places! Please don’t mistake me for a coffee-lover, though. I’m a HUGE fan of English Brekkie tea and an occasional cheeky three-mint! Fun fact: I carry a pack of sweeteners in almost every bag I own for this very reason.

To get in contact, email me at: (or just listen for the Welsh accent)

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st michael le belfrey

Hiya! I’m Helena, and I head up the publicity for CU. With the help of the publicity team I run the social media accounts, create funky graphics and flyers and help publicise events on campus. I'm super excited to be able to find creative ways to spread the gospel this year!

As a history student you'll almost always find me with my nose in a book, but when I'm not reading I love bouldering, baking, and practicing my latte art at Alcuin Kitchen. If you couldn't tell from my photo, I'm an absolute sucker for a pretty sunrise, and nothing brings me more joy than seeing God's glory in creation!

To get in contact, email me at

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Events Co-ordinator
st michael le belfrey

Hi, I'm Eli, I'm the events and evangelism coordinator for the coming year, which means I get to work with a team to plan and run the evangelistic events thaat the CU puts on. My job is to facilitate ways for CU members to share the gospel with thir friends, as well as taking the gospel to students on all corners of the campuses.

I'm also an English student, but spend the majority of my time drinking coffee and travelling as much as I can, so I can either be found in the corner of a York coffee shop or a far flung corner of the world chasing down adventures and inevitably getting ridiculously lost!

To get in contact, email me at